Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), led by chairman Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabr al-Thani, and Eid Charity, headed by chairman Sheikh Mohamed bin Eid al-Thani, have inked a co-operation agreement.

The first of its kind pact between these entities, mandates Eid Charity to extend financial support to QCS, to cover the medical expenses of cancer patients who lack the means, for three years.

Sheikh Dr Khalid commended Eid Charity's philanthropy and humanitarian aid endeavours, particularly in bolstering cancer treatment initiatives. He underscored the pivotal role of this collaboration in advancing QCS's mission to combat cancer and alleviate its impact in Qatar. The strategy involves community education and the empowerment of individuals affected by cancer.

Highlighting the enduring partnership between the two entities, he emphasised that this agreement formalises and streamlines their ongoing collaboration and aligns with their overarching strategies aimed at realising Qatar National Vision 2030.

The agreement is founded on both organisations' vital role in serving the community. Their effective partnership contributes significantly to achieving goals that benefit community members, especially those living with or affected by cancer, including patients, survivors, and caregivers. Given the complex nature of combating cancer, sustained and concerted efforts are essential to mitigate its impact effectively.

Sheikh Mohamed stated: “Since its establishment, Sheikh Eid Charitable Association has been dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services both within and outside Qatar. These efforts extend beyond covering the costs of treatment for patients, as they also include organising health campaigns and caravans, as well as building hospitals and health centres in the most needed areas around the world that require various forms of assistance, especially in the fields of health and education.”

He added: "Signing this agreement aims to activate partnerships between various civil society institutions and diversify charitable and humanitarian work programmes for all segments of society."
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