Iraqi writer Dr Amad Almallak has launched two of her newest books at the 33rd Doha International Book Fair (DIBF), which concludes Saturday at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC).
She has written a good number of books on the philosophy of beauty and self-acceptance, and related issues such as the ageing process from an ascetic perspective and the social and economic factors involved.
Dr Almallak said that she was very happy to come to Doha for the first time and launch her new books at the DIBF, which she described as highly organised global event and considered one of the best in its category.
Her book of short essays, Souq Al Jamal (Beauty Market) draws on her personal and professional experiences in the field of beautification and plastic surgery as she is herself an orthodontist with her own practice in Iraq.
In modern society, Dr Almallak noted, people of all age groups have become obsessed with beauty standards, driven by marketing and economics and the desire to be famous and always look young.
Her essays are based on various real life experiences and risks that some people are willing to take to attain a certain look.
For instance, some undergo plastic surgery to look like social media celebrities.
Dr Almallak stressed the need to embrace the normal ageing process and find a real and practical purpose of life that could drive the person to continue to be active player in the game of life.
The second book launched at the DIBF is Lughz Adad (The Mystery of Adda).
The novel draws from the ancient Sumerian legends, where Dr Almallak takes the reader through a journey through time, jumping from the present to the past and vice-versa to tackle one of the dreams that puzzled humanity for ages, which is the power of rejuvenation to overcome senility and attain permanent youth and vitality.
Lughz Adad is her first work of fiction.
All of Dr Almallak’s books are written in Arabic, and she has expressed the hope that English translations can be explored in the future.
Dr Almallak, who also has a number of accredited medical essays to her credit, is a researcher in the value of beauty and related life issues.
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