The General Secretariat of the Arab League on Saturday warned of targeting museums and ancient patrimony in many conflict-torn countries in an apparent attempt to obliterate everything related to civilization, as well as Arab and Islamic culture.

In remarks to mark the International Museum Day, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Social Affairs Sector at the Arab League Ambassador Haifa Abu Ghazaleh emphasized the importance of museums in advancing the educational renaissance as they represent the memory of vibrant nations that strive to connect the present with the past, highlighting that museums are the mirror of civilization and history of previous nations before the subsequent generations which express their innovative components.

On Feb.27,2015, the museums and antiquities in Mosul, Iraq, were devastated by terrorism as they represent the legacy of the Mesopotamian civilization, Abu Ghazaleh noted, stressing the need for protecting museums that ensure cultural patrimony for nations, specially that they play a crucial role in propagating culture and enhancing educational and sustainable development system as critical cultural beacons.

Abu Ghazaleh pointed out that the Secretariat General of the Arab League has been giving foremost attention to the Arab cultural legacy since its inception, and its statute underscored the importance of maintaining and advancing knowledge through preserving the global heritage.