Qatar University (QU) has organised its First Annual Forum for Qatari faculty members, aiming to enhance and strengthen relationships among them and with the senior management.

The forum was attended by president Dr Omar al-Ansari, vice-presidents and faculty members.

In his speech during the occasion, Dr al-Ansari emphasised that national elements are the main driving force for the sustainability of any institution and its activities.

He also stressed the university's commitment to maintaining academic standards regarding all its members, as well as its dedication to providing support to Qatari faculty members with all available resources.

He also noted that success is a collective effort that requires perseverance, time, and co-operation from everyone.

QU strategy and development chief Dr Khalid al-Khanji also addressed the forum, which featured discussions on several important topics, including the Qatarisation plan, the pivotal role of faculty members in achieving the QU Strategy 2023-2027, enhancing the publishing capabilities of Qatari researchers and fostering a research collaboration culture, issues related to academic cheating using advanced technology and methods to mitigate it, and the importance of enhancing collaboration between sectors within the university.
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