General David H Petraeus, a prominent and retired US army official suggested yesterday that a two-state solution is the way forward to end the Palestine conflict. General Petraeus was interacting with the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg, John Micklethwait at the ongoing Qatar Economic Forum 2024 being held at Raffles and Fairmont Doha.

Answering the question ‘Is the end of the conflict a two-state solution?’ from Micklethwait, General Petraeus replied "I think it has to be. No one has ever been able to describe any other possible solution. But obviously that has been extremely challenging.” In his conversation, he also highlighted several strategies that can make the lives better in Gaza and Palestine and how they can be achieved.

General Petraeus was discussing ‘Geopolitics: Navigating the Global Risk Landscape’ during the forum where he described various challenges including Ukraine and several other challenges in the region. As for the Ukraine War he noted that the battle is going on in Kharkive, the second largest city in Ukraine.

“From the north of Kharkiv, the Russians have been pushing. If the Russians get into the artillery range of Kharikv, they will just obliterate the city. I think the Ukrainians can certainly keep them out of Kharkiv as they have done before in the first year of war. But they have to get them out of artillery range," he explained.
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