Qatar Charity (QC) organised the seventh edition of the Orphan Day Festival at Aspire Zone Park, celebrating Arab Orphan Day with various cultural and entertainment activities.

The event was attended by Faisal Rashid al-Fehaida, CEO's assistant for the Programmes and Community Development sector at QC.

Many children sponsored under the ‘Future’s Leaders’ programme, along with their mothers, took part in the event.

The Orphan Day Festival aims to promote the concept of sponsorship, empower orphans to boost their self-confidence, achieve social integration, and draw attention to the importance of caring for orphans and meeting their needs.

The activities included small-scale projects involving productive families in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In his address at the festival, Sheikh Khalid Bomozeh emphasised the importance of providing comprehensive care for orphans, ensuring a conducive environment for their proper and balanced growth and development.

He also highlighted the suffering of orphans in Gaza, who are experiencing the most severe forms of deprivation and the absence of familial care amid the ongoing aggression against them, indicating that the number of orphans there is increasing day by day.

He underscored the need for greater attention to these afflicted children by offering assistance and necessary care to help them overcome the challenges and hardships they face.

At the festival, poet Radi al-Hajri recited a poem, urging for the sponsorship of orphans, and shedding light on the rewards received by sponsors and the impact of sponsorship on the enhancement of social and humanitarian bonds.

The children and their mothers expressed their immense happiness at participating in the Orphan Day Festival.

Ahmed, one of the children, described the event as "wonderful and beautiful."

Ghada Youssef, mother of a sponsored child, said: "The event has created an atmosphere of joy, allowing children to enjoy the festival's activities and make new friends.”

She thanked QC for its efforts in sponsoring children through the 'Future’s Leaders’ programme.

Abu Ali, an audience member, stated that it raises awareness among the public, especially among children about the importance of supporting and caring for orphans. He noted that such events contribute to strengthening social cohesion and instilling values of solidarity and generosity in the hearts of children.
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