In collaboration with the various departments of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the Ras Laffan Community Outreach Programme (COP) has organised various cultural and awareness events as part of the “Bedar” initiative for community engagement with workers.

According to a statement from the MoI, more than 900 workers representing 11 local companies participated in the event at the Barwa Workers Recreation Complex in Al Khor.

Officers from the Human Rights, Public Relations, Civil Defence, Criminal Investigation, Drug Enforcement, Community Police, Traffic, Al Fazaa and North Security Departments presented a security awareness quiz during the programme.

Sheikha al-Anoud al-Thani, head of the Media Studies Section at the MoI’s Public Relations Department, emphasised the importance of such events, which align with the ministry's strategic directions aimed at enhancing proper communication between workers and society, and raising awareness among workers about security concepts, public safety and occupational safety at work sites, to reduce the risk of life-threatening injuries.

Senior Ras Laffan COP officer Sheikha Dana al-Thani said that the programme continues to support the cultural and community initiatives for all segments of society, including workers in local companies.

She praised the efforts made to engage the labour community in implementing the programme's message and various initiatives, notably the Bedar initiative.

Mohamed al-Mashiri of the Ras Laffan COP said such events reflect the programme’s strong commitment to social responsibility.

There were recreational activities and awareness workshops to promote mental health awareness, physical fitness, safety and security among workers.

Various cultural competitions were held among companies in the northern regions.

The event included the honouring of awareness ambassadors and representatives of companies who have made continuous efforts to disseminate awareness guidelines in their companies.