As part of the ongoing humanitarian efforts of Qatar, the governor of Sudan's Khartoum State, Ahmed Osman Hamza, launched a massive convoy of food aid in the Karari locality, provided by Qatar Charity (QC).

This is part of a project aimed at providing 50,000 food packages to affected families in Sudan, a statement said. The project is implemented by QC field teams and funded by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD).

The governor of Khartoum expressed his gratitude to Qatar and its people for standing with the Sudanese people in all the hardships and disasters. He also highlighted the significant contributions of the Qatari people through QFFD and QC.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the QC aid convoy, comprised of 10,000 food packages for 60,000 beneficiaries.

Sadeq Farini, Minister of Social Development in Khartoum State, said QC's timely arrival with substantial food aid is a significant support for the local people. He also highlighted the strong partnership between his ministry and QC to serve vulnerable groups like women, children, and the elderly in Khartoum State.

Khalid Abdul Rahim, Humanitarian Aid Commissioner in Khartoum State, stated that the significant food assistance provided by QC will have a substantial impact on the beneficiaries.

QC has been actively involved in mitigating disasters and crises since it started working in Sudan three decades ago, the statement added.