United Development Company (UDC), a leading real estate company and master developer of The Pearl Island and Gewan Island, received the prestigious award for ‘Best CSR Initiative in the Real Estate Sector in Qatar’ for the second consecutive year.

The recognition was officially announced during the Qatar CSR Summit’s awards ceremony held recently, which honoured UDC’s outstanding commitment and dedication towards corporate social responsibility (CSR).

UDC’s CSR strategy is built upon four pillars: responsibility towards employees, community engagement, environmental sustainability, and adherence to corporate governance standards. The comprehensive approach reflects UDC’s commitment to aligning economic, social, and environmental objectives with operational strategies that prioritise CSR within Qatar.

UDC’s commitment to sustainability extends to its certifications for Integrated Management System Policy and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015). These certifications ensure rigorous assessment of operational CO2 reduction and environmental impacts, showcasing UDC’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

UDC has also contributed significantly to environmental conservation. The treatment and supply of treated sewage effluent for irrigation purposes have conserved 14,153,617 cbm of water, promoting green areas and enhancing road beautification efforts at The Pearl Island and Gewan Island.

UDC’s initiatives also include employee tree planting programmes at The Pearl Island, resulting in the planting of 160 trees. Furthermore, UDC has recycled over 37% of community and retail waste, including plastics, paper/cardboard, aluminium cans, e-waste, and batteries, amounting to 2.3 tonnes of plastic waste recycled into useful goods.

The Collec’Thor sea cleaners’ project, launched during World Environment Day in 2023, further demonstrates UDC’s commitment to marine conservation. To date, this project has collected 1,304.98 cbm of waste, contributing to cleaner waters and marine species protection at The Pearl Island.

Additionally, UDC’s rigorous studies on marine biodiversity have resulted in optimal ecological gains, ensuring minimal impact on the local marine ecosystem.

UDC’s exceptional Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is reflected in its overall 94% score in the disclosed ESG report to the Qatar Stock Exchange. With a focus on climate change, pollution, natural resource conservation, social justice, biodiversity, and equality, UDC continues to prioritise sustainability and ESG principles in line with Qatar Stock Exchange requirements.

With accolades like the ‘Best CSR Initiative in the Real Estate Sector’, UDC remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence in CSR, aligning economic, social, and environmental objectives with operational strategies for enhanced environmental sustainability and societal well-being.