The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) celebrated the graduation of the first cohort of physicians who have successfully earned the "Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate".

The first cohort included 36 doctors across four specialized programs: Family Medicine, Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, and Psychiatry.

The Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate adheres to the highest global standards in the field. It provides doctors with an advanced medical education and equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality healthcare to Qatar's residents.

Commenting on the occasion, HE Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari underlined that the Ministry of Public Health is committed to ensuring the proficiency of healthcare workers, and that all healthcare workers are highly qualified and able to provide safe, high-quality care to the population, in line with the health strategy and the Qatar National Vision.

"The Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate represents a significant achievement and reflects the Ministry's ongoing efforts to enhance the proficiency of medical personnel in the State of Qatar. This certification adopts the highest standards used in evaluating physicians and serves as a reliable indicator that the recipients possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform their noble profession effectively, HE the Minister of Public Health added.

HE Dr. Hajar Ahmed Hajar Al Binali, former Minister of Public Health, praised the first cohort of graduates receiving the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate for their significant achievement. He underscored the vital role the new specialists will play in enhancing the quality of healthcare services, wishing them success as they uphold the highest standards of excellence in serving the community.

For his part, Dr. Saad Al Kaabi, Director of the Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP) at the Ministry of Public Health and Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate, said that the establishment and development of the Qatar Board of Medical Specialties has marked a milestone in the journey of medical education in Qatar, reflecting the strategic and ambitious visions of the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the confidence in the abilities and dedication of the Qatar medical personnel from various specialties.

The Qatar Board of Medical Specialties was launched in 2020 and provides physicians with the opportunity to achieve postgraduate certificates in various medical specialties. They are awarded the certificate after completing their training within a specialized medical training program approved by the QBMS and after passing several special examinations, including written and clinical, to ensure the highest levels of proficiency, knowledge, and expertise in their respective specialties.

The vision for developing the Qatar Board of Medical Specialties is centered around the collaboration and integration with key local partners, such as Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation, Sidra Medicine, and Qatar University, as well as with the optimal utilization of local health capabilities, from the distinguished health personnel, internationally recognized specialized medical training programs, training facilities, and examination centers.

The Technical Committee of the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate and its various specialized committees also aim in the coming period to develop areas of cooperation and coordination to include similar bodies regionally and globally, in addition to strengthening cooperation with local partners.
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