The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the Information Technology Section of the Educational Guidance Department announced a cooperation initiative with Cisco Global Academy, with the implementation of its pilot phase in ten secondary schools for boys and girls until July 2024.

According to a statement by the MOEHE, the initiative aims to provide the necessary technical training for students of the technological track in grades 11 and 12, in addition to training computer teachers and information technology coordinators in cybersecurity, computer networks, programming and data science, operating systems, and information technology.

The MOEHE said that the content of these fields has been harmonized with the curricula and study units of the technological track.

The initiative also aims to prepare the technological and scientific track students and prepare them to enroll in colleges that offer various technical and technological tracks. It also aims to provide them with a set of modern training programs and accompaniments approved by international institutions by employing the content of the Cisco Academy platform to enhance their digital competencies, enabling them to access this content to follow up on their achievement and to pass the electronic tests prepared for this by the procedures followed. The platform includes various training courses in cybersecurity, computer networks, programming, data science, and artificial intelligence.

In this context, Senior IT Guidance Expert at the Educational Guidance Department Aisha Al Mansoori said: "The implementation of the cooperation initiative with Cisco Academy comes as part of the ministry's efforts to provide the educational field with a package of innovative initiatives that support teaching and learning processes in the technological field, especially in programming, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity."

To make the most of the initiative, the MOEHE has identified all procedures conducive to student learning, including establishing a virtual academy and inviting secondary schools to join the initiative. They established accounts for trainers certified by information technology coordinators and computer teachers. Seventy-one teachers from information technology departments in government schools have been trained. They have started creating virtual training programs on the platform, adding interested students, and training and equipping them as required in preparation for submitting electronic tests related to training programs on the Cisco platform. Following the successful pilot phase, the Ministry is poised to extend the benefits of this initiative to all students of the technology and scientific track in government secondary schools. This strategic move will continue until 2027, attracting more students to the technological track.

Cisco Academy is one of the leading technology academies. It provides specialized technology training for students and teachers in more than 190 countries, benefiting 17 million students and nearly 30,000 teachers worldwide.