Qatar Museums (QM) hosted an event, titled 'We Are QM Family', in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and Family at Fire Station: Artist in Residence on the sidelines of the Pipilotti Rist – Electric Idyll exhibition, on view until June 1.

Aligned with the Qatar Family Year 2024 and aimed to propagate the family's Code of Ethics, 'We Are Family' forms part of the exhibition’s educational programme, centred around the theme of family values and ethical commitment.

In a press statement, Sheikha Reem al-Thani, acting deputy CEO of Exhibitions at QM, said: “Embarking on this inspiring journey of creativity and collaboration with our esteemed Qatar Museums family is a testament to our collective dedication to nurturing and promoting the arts in Qatar. It reinforces our shared values and exemplifies our deep commitment to enriching the fabric of Qatari society through cultural expression and engagement.”

QM employees collaboratively created an artwork symbolising unity and creativity within the QM family.

Titled, 1300 Inspirations, the artwork comprises 36 panels hand painted with acrylic colour, which will be unveiled on International Family Day, May 15 at Fire Station.

The Qatari National Charter on Family Rights and Duties underscores the importance of family as the foundation of society, highlighting the interdependence between individuals and their families, and emphasising the role of conscious citizens in upholding societal values.

QM reflects these principles by fostering a familial atmosphere among its employees, aligning with the Charter’s principles by promoting the development of creativity, innovation, and self-reliance within families, supporting QM’s vision and mission by nurturing individual talents and ambitions.

The head of the Events Team at the Ministry of Social Development and Family, Maetha Saif al-Khayarin, said: “Celebrating the Year of Family, the Ministry, in collaboration with Qatar Museums, is participating in this occasion to emphasise on the pivotal role families play in strengthening family cohesion, advocating for the Family Charter, and fostering awareness through various activities and artistic endeavours addressing issues related to families and their cohesion. This is achieved by art being both a tool for creative expression and self-awareness.”

The Fire Station is part of QM’s Creative Hub/Creative Cluster, which initiates and supports projects that create opportunities to build a strong and sustainable cultural infrastructure.

Fire Station director Khalifa Ahmad al-Obaidli added: “Fire Station is more than just a place for creating art, it's also a nurturing ground for a community of creativity. Our commitment to nurturing creativity and providing a supportive platform for artists from diverse backgrounds is at the core of our mission. Through our ongoing initiatives, we aim to create a lively community where art thrives, adding to Qatar's cultural diversity and extending its impact globally.”