HE the Minister of Public Health Dr Hanan Mohammed al-Kuwari yesterday inaugurated the new Qatar National Blood Donation Center at Hamad Medical Corporation in the presence of HE the Minister of State for Interior Affairs Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Faisal bin Mohammed al-Thani, and HE the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sheikh Eid Charitable Foundation, Dr Mohammed Eid al-Thani.

During the event, it was revealed that two halls within the new facility will be named after HE Sheikh Eid bin Mohammad al-Thani.

HE Dr al-Kuwari said the opening of the Qatar National Blood Donation Center not only enhances the capability of HMCs Blood Donation Programme, but also ensures a smoother and more comfortable experience for donors.

Her Excellency said, "Safe blood and blood products as well as their transfusion are a critical aspect of care in our healthcare system. They save lives and improve the health and quality of life for many patients every day.

"The availability of an adequate and safe blood supply is crucial for various medical procedures, including surgeries, trauma care, and the treatment of chronic conditions such as cancer and blood disorders. Each blood donation serves as a powerful lifeline to many patients across our healthcare system,".

The Qatar National Blood Donation Center will be the sole source for the provision of blood and blood components for all governmental and private hospitals in Qatar. The new centre will house 38 blood collection beds, an increase by more than triple the number of beds from the previous Blood Donor Center.

The new centre offers Therapeutic Plasma Exchange procedures for patients requiring plasma therapy and provides dedicated spaces for therapeutic phlebotomy, stem cell collection, and platelet apheresis. Its advanced facilities will house nine male and three female medical interview/assessment rooms, 18 male and eight female donation beds, and 12 beds for platelet collection.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of HMCs Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Dr Einas al-Kuwari said: "The new Qatar National Blood Donation Center will enable the freezing of rare blood groups and rare phenotypes as well as red cell genotyping in the near future.

"The shelf life of blood is 42 days from the date of collection, so having a regular source of blood donations is vital. One unit of blood donated may benefit at least three patients if used as separate blood components."