The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC), represented by the Investment and Trade Court, commenced the electronic connection procedures to streamline the process of sharing services and information between MoJ and the Court, in addition to providing shared benefits of this electronic connection, in pursuit of ensuring smooth progress of transactions, time efficiency and reducing hard slog in serving the public.

While chairing the 2nd meeting to discuss the connection procedures with the team of the Investment and Trade Court, Assistant Under-Secretary for Common Services Affairs at the MoJ, Khamis Mohamed Al Kuwari, affirmed, that the procedures serve the general orientation of the State of Qatar towards the E-justice system and help facilitate the litigation procedures, prompt justice, and reduce the strenuous activities of litigants.
He added that, as per directives of HE Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ibrahim bin Ali Al Mohannadi, a technical work team has been formed to accomplish the electronic connection requirements and set the legal frameworks evidence to comprehensively share services, in which the functions of each entity are determined, in addition to establishing focal points in the MoJ and the Court , culminating in fully optimizing the service quality level afforded to all visitors.
The connection system offers a multitude of benefits, foremost of which is time efficiency, since transactions between the two bodies have been consuming much time. Also, the system streamlines the accomplishment of transactions for the Courts visitors, namely investors and traders, something that would evidently foster transparency and draw investments to the country through creating an environment conducive to facilitate litigation procedures and settle disputes more expeditiously.
Additionally, the connection system offers quick inquiries about the real estate property relevant to the Court's case system, ensures accuracy and confidentiality in executing the procedures rendered by the Judicial rulings, vetting personal and real estate data through combining the systems of relevant government agencies.
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