US President Joe Biden said that he would stop sending US weapons to the Israeli entity, which he acknowledged have been used to kill civilians in Gaza, if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders a major invasion of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip.

In an interview with CNN, Biden said, in reference to the bombs that he temporarily stopped sending to the Israeli entity, "civilians have been killed in Gaza as a consequence of those bombs and other ways in which they go after population centers".

"I made it clear that if they go into Rafah they havent gone in Rafah yet if they go into Rafah, Im not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities.", Biden added.

President Biden's announcement of his willingness to condition sending US weapons to the actions of the Israeli entity represents a turning point in the conflict that has been ongoing since last Oct. 7, due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The United States has already stopped sending a shipment of munitions, due to Israels possible operations in Rafah without a plan for the civilians there, CNN said.

According to the Pentagon, although it said that no final decision has been made regarding that shipment, the US administration said it is reviewing the potential sale or transfer of other munitions.