Qatar University President Dr. Omar Al Ansari said that Investing in the human capital is the cornerstone of achieving aspirations and sustaining development.
This came in his speech at the graduation ceremony of QU's 47th batch, during which he said, "The university senses its role as a strong supporter of sustainable development in Qatar, through preparing young people capable of actively participating with determination and enthusiasm in building their societies and engaging with the issues of their nation driven by the values of brotherhood, justice, and equity."
The President of QU highlighted, "Qatar University has contributed to the Qatari job market with over 65,000 young human talents who have actively contributed and continue to contribute effectively to the journey of our ambitious developmental progress."
He added that the university does so within its core role and commitment to providing high-quality education and impactful research linked to national development.
Dr. Al Ansari continued, "The prominent position that Qatar has attained regionally and internationally under your wise leadership and within the framework of the principles laid down by the founding fathers places a great responsibility on the university, a responsibility it acknowledges and takes pride in."
The President of QU stated, "Through a clear vision, mission, and an educational model based on a system of high values, and a scientific framework that adheres to the highest academic standards, this has resulted in graduating individuals who possess a balanced and comprehensive personality, as well as knowledge, skills, and competencies, with a deep commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility. This has made graduates of Qatar University active and influential in their surroundings, capable of positively engaging with the challenges of the modern world, and raising the name of their country in society and globally."
He added, "As we stand on the threshold of implementing the Qatar University Strategy 2023-2027, which was developed to be harmonious and integrated with the Third Qatar National Development Strategy, its strategic goals include learning and human development, research and response to national challenges, societal and economic development, and institutional and cultural enhancement.
Moreover, the QU President noted that QU has achieved many accomplishments on various fronts, and has obtained numerous academic chairs through partnerships and agreements with local, regional, and international institutions.
"As part of its ongoing efforts to support the strategic and economic directions of the state and to provide local competencies, Qatar University launched several academic programs during the academic year to meet the needs of the job market in the country. Among these, we highlight the College of Sport Sciences, which we hope will become a scientific and research reference in the field of sports and its sciences, and a primary supporter of the state's efforts in this field. With the participation of 12 colleges and over 90 academic programs, and with numerous academic accreditations, programmatic and institutional, and quality certifications achieved by the university, along with the presence of top academic and research talents, and the unlimited support from the Board of Regents of Qatar University, the university has solidified its position among the best universities in the region and the world according to the latest institutional rankings." added Dr. Al Ansari.
Addressing the graduating Class of 2024, Qatar University President Dr. Omar Al Ansari said, "I extend to you my sincerest congratulations on your graduation. Today, you reap the fruits of your efforts and dedication to hard work and diligence throughout your years of study. As you prepare to enter a new world full of challenges and opportunities, remember that graduation is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new journey of personal and professional growth."
In the context of an ever changing world, he urged the graduates to continue to work hard, be dedicated, to never stop learning and acquiring new skills, and to keep pace with the rapid developments in all fields, encouraging them to persevere in achieving their personal and professional goals and to be boldly creative, in order for their post-graduation journey to be filled with achievements and successes.
The President of QU extended his heartfelt congratulations to the esteemed parents on the graduation of their children from Qatar University, thanking them for the support and encouragement they have provided to their children, especially during their university studies, adding that this achievement is not only their children's, but also theirs, and is a cause of societal pride. In addition, he also commended the university's
faculty, staff, and employees for supporting the students' educational journey and contributing to their success, as well as supporting the university's mission in preparing an outstanding, creative, innovative, and leadership-ready generation capable of effectively contributing to building a sustainable future.
On the other hand, delivering a speech on behalf of the 47th graduating class, graduate Mohammed Thamer Mohammed Jabor Al-Thani said, "This moment comes after years of joy and hard work, leading us to this moment that witnesses a new cohort of our esteemed university's graduates, carrying our aspirations and hopes towards a new chapter in our lives."
Al-Thani explained that Qatar University have drawn a road map to meet national development priorities, making the State of Qatar a destination for scholars and creative talents.
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