The 15th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue, organized by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID), along with the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences, continues its activities for its second and last day, held under the title: Family Structure in Light of Changing World: Religious Perspective, "Integration of families, faith, values, and education".

During the conference's 3rd plenary session, themed: Current Family Concerns (How to Support, Solve, and Remedy), speakers underscored the challenges facing modern families, those challenges' impacts on family formation and national education, in addition to the role of parents in raising children and the need for more programs and studies to be conducted in support of this role. Moreover, they stressed that religious teachings are not limited to places of worship, instead, they must be reflected in all aspects of life.

Three sub-sessions were held under the aforementioned theme: the first being on the healthy and resilient family's internal structure and characteristics, the second discussing empowering family influence on societal and national growth and renaissance, whereas the third sub-session addressed external interferences, influences, and the destabilization of family fundamentals.

Moreover, the conference also included three simultaneous sessions, during which participants touched on the role of states, faith-based organizations, and civil society institutions in protecting the family institution, as well as the topic of the family in a multi-faith and/or multicultural society context, and the status of the family in national and international laws.

The 15th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue also dedicated a session to discuss the effects of war and armed conflicts on Palestinian families, while another touched on the efforts of Qatari women and their role in societal and family development and their role in the workplace.

The conference's participants and speakers appreciated the State of Qatar's prominent role with regards to interfaith dialogue, which gained it a prestigious international status, moreover, they praised DICID's efforts in holding purposeful dialogues such as this one.
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