The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) strongly condemned the escalation of the criminal aggression launched by the Israeli occupation forces against the Gaza Strip, and the expansion of its scope through the invasion of the city of Rafah, which is inhabited by about 1.3 million displaced Palestinians.

In its statement, the OIC considered that this escalation constitutes an extension of the commission of the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and an attempt to displace the Palestinians from their land, in flagrant violation of all international resolutions and provisional measures ordered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The OIC also condemned the Israeli Prime Minister's threats and intention to continue and expand the crime of the Israeli military aggression against the city of Rafah, whether with or without concluding a ceasefire agreement, which confirms his rejection of all UN resolutions and efforts aimed at achieving a ceasefire.

The organization warned against the Israeli occupation forces' invasion of Rafah, which portends a humanitarian catastrophe and may lead to expanding the scope of tension and destabilization in the region.

The OIC renewed its call on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards obligating Israel, the occupying power, to stop its military aggression and its continuing crimes throughout the occupied Palestinian territory, and to provide international protection for the Palestinian people, in the implementation of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.