Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) announced the launch of its Precision Rehabilitation Initiative, a groundbreaking program ascribing to Qatar's Third National Development Strategy that is set to transform the delivery of rehabilitation care in Qatar and beyond.

As one of the first programs of this type in the MENA region and spearheaded by HMC's Rehabilitation Therapy Services Department, precision rehabilitation aims to tailor treatments for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries or those managing chronic conditions. By considering factors like medical history, physical condition, ability, lifestyle and goals as well as leveraging AI-powered systems, physicians can address the unique needs of each individual and empower patients to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

HMC's Precision Rehabilitation Initiative supports integrates state-of-the-art technology including robotics, exoskeletons, wearable devices, voice-activated technology, virtual and augmented reality applications and smart homes to provide tailored interventions.

Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad, Deputy Chief of Long-Term Care, Rehabilitation, and Geriatrics at HMC, explained that "with Precision Rehabilitation, we are not just administering treatment, we are tailoring our strategies based on detailed real-time measurements of each patient's functional abilities. This method allows us to significantly enhance the effectiveness of our interventions and elevate patient care to new heights. The integration of innovative technology and scientifically proven methods empowers our patients to excel in daily activities and helps them reintegrate into their communities with confidence and increased physical capabilities."

Precision Rehabilitation with AI, Wearable Sensors, Tele-rehab and recovery tracking ("PRAIWeST") is the model at the heart of this new initiative.
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