The chief of the United Nations’ food programme has warned of a “full-blown famine” in northern Gaza and reiterated calls for a ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas.
“There is famine, full-blown famine in the north and it’s moving its way south,” Cindy McCain, executive director of the World Food Programme (WFP), said in an interview excerpt published on Friday.
“What we are asking for and what we’ve continually asked for is a ceasefire and the ability to have unfettered access to get in safe...into Gaza — various ports, various gate crossings,” McCain continued.
The World Food Programme is one of the many humanitarian groups trying to get aid into Gaza.
The World Health Organisation said that the availability of food in the Gaza Strip has very slightly improved, though the risk of famine continues in the besieged Palestinian territory, which is home to 2.4mn people.
Israel has repeatedly accused the United Nations and nongovernmental organisations of not distributing aid quickly enough.
The aid agencies blame the trickle of essential food into the Palestinian enclave on restrictions and inspections imposed by Israel.