Maha Ali Kazmi, a gifted presence on Pakistan’s music scene, has released a new song titled Fanaa.
This pop/rock single is reminiscent of her debut single Nazar and explores the fleeting nature of beauty and the universal desire to savour short-lived moments.
The term Fanaa, rooted in Sufi philosophy, signifies annihilation or death wish, highlighting the poignant contradiction of embracing impermanence while yearning for moments of happiness. The song reflects a coexistence of joy, love, and sorrow in a harmonious manner, very much defining Maha’s musical style.
Maha composed the lyrics and the tune for Fanaa, and collaborated with renowned musician Meekal Hasan for its production. The meticulous attention to detail by Meekal at Digital Fidelity Studios in Lahore brought Maha’s musical vision to life.
The song begins with a slow, romantic intro with a nostalgic retro vibe and builds into a powerful chorus, highlighted by a striking guitar solo. Fanaa stands as a testament to Maha’s creative lustre and an unwavering commitment to her craft, making it a remarkable addition to her music repertoire.
Maha Ali Kazmi, originally from Karachi with roots in Kashmir, has established herself through her soulful tunes that narrate stories of love, longing and strength. She began her career as a backup singer and has since shared the stage with the very best, blending Eastern and Western musical styles effectively. Maha embarked on her musical journey in 2013 as a backup vocalist for Cornetto Music Icon’s first season and later released her debut single Nazar, produced and directed by the late Farhad Humayun. She began classical training in 2015 under Ustaad Rauf Saami and continued to harness her potential with Abdullah Haroon, a disciple of Ustaad Raees Khan. Her skills were further enhanced during her time in Singapore, where she pursued contemporary Western vocal instruction.
Maha’s artistic path has also been influenced by her lineage; she is a descendant of Wajid Ali Shah, the Nawab of Oudh known for his patronage of the arts, including dance. Maha honed her skills in Kathak classical dance under the tutelage of the legendary Sheema Kermani. Her diverse training and background have contributed significantly to her unique musical style, which blends various cultural influences and artistic forms.
Beyond her musical endeavours, Maha continues to be a strong advocate for women’s rights and social justice.
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