Foreign Minister of Poland, Radoslaw Sikorski, expressed his hope that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz would change his position and provide Ukraine with German Taurus cruise missiles, following the US sending long-range missiles to Kyiv.

"I hope that the German Chancellor feels encouraged by the events of the past few days" Sikorski said in an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The Polish Minister described the sending of US long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine as a "response to the Russian escalation" in Ukraine, which Germany must also respond to, according to German news agency.

However, the Pentagon did not provide any specific information regarding whether these missiles had a range of 300 km or less.

Media reported that these were the longer range models

The US had already sent short-range ATACMS missiles last year.

Scholz has so far categorically refused to send "Taurus" cruise missiles to Ukraine, and fears that Germany may be drawn into war if it sends missiles with a range of 500 km.

"The Russians have already shut down 70% of the energy generation capacity, which is actually a war crime", Foreign Minister Sikorski added.

The Polish Foreign Minister noted that Berlin hosted a conference for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. However, it would be better to prevent the countrys destruction in the first place. (QNA)
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