Qatar Museums (QM) hosted the 22nd meeting of the GCC Undersecretaries Responsible for Antiquities and Museums on Wednesday, in collaboration with the GCC General Secretariat, a statement said.

The agenda encompassed a review of the significant decisions made during the 21st session, chaired by Oman in 2023 via video conferencing, ensuring follow-up on key outcomes.

These decisions play a crucial role in advancing the collective efforts within the fields of antiquities and museums, while enhancing relationships among GCC countries, friendly nations, and international organisations operating in these spheres.

The meeting itinerary featured a recognition ceremony, honouring antiquities and museum specialists. The participating delegations also had the opportunity to explore an archaeological site during a guided tour.

The meeting was chaired by QM CEO Mohamed Saad al-Rumaihi, in the presence of the representative of the GCC General Secretariat, and representatives of the GCC countries. The National Museum of Qatar director, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamad al-Thani, led the Qatari delegation, which included Archaeology Department director Faisal Abdullah al-Nuaimi, and a group of archaeology specialists and experts from QM.

Al-Rumaihi said: “This assembly underscores our commitment to foster cultural and heritage co-operation among our nations. Together, we are crafting a roadmap to safeguard our heritage and elevate our cultural standing on the global stage. Effective co-operation, both globally and locally, is paramount in the preservation of our monuments and the evolution of our museums. We are dedicated to fostering co-operative efforts aimed at enriching our cultural heritage and showcasing it to the global community using cutting-edge scientific approaches. We extend heartfelt appreciation to all individuals who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to these endeavours."

Sheikh Abdulaziz said: “This programme marks a significant stride in translating the directives and recommendations laid out during the 21st GCC Undersecretaries Responsible for Antiquities and Museums meeting, reaffirming our dedication to fortify cultural and heritage co-operation. It presents a distinctive opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of our region's history, delving into ancient civilisations through interactive sessions and educational visits that illuminate the richness and intricacies of our cultural heritage.”

This event underscores QM’s unwavering commitment to enhancing regional co-operation in culture and heritage, further solidifying its position as a pivotal cultural hub in the region. It also exemplifies Qatar’s steadfast dedication to fostering the growth and development of the cultural and heritage sector, the statement added.
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