Under the motto “Green Desert, Better Environment” and with the aim of seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to combat desertification — while also improving the environment — His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, inaugurated Expo 2023 Doha Horticulture, in Al Bidda Park, in early October 2023.
Since then, we have spent pleasant moments in the spacious environments, in which 77 countries participated with their pavilions in a global setting. The design of the facilities, accompanied by the greenery of the plants and the multicoloured flowers kept us in a permanent state of satisfaction, while valuing the importance of turning our world into green habitats, taking care of our environment.
The expo facilities were designed in an unbeatable way. Everything was in its proper place accompanied by a myriad of activities.
It was a monumental event, as predicted by HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al-Thani, for environmental development and an inspiration for all of us.
We were filled with joy, with music and dances from many nations, and expressions of different types of art for all. It was truly an international party, a meeting of peace and tranquillity.
A magnificent idea of the organisers was the celebration of the “national days” of the participating countries with the attendance of high-ranking visitors and musical and artistic expressions, highlighting dances from afar.
We rode in the electric carts with friendly drivers, along with the high quality of visitors who were there during the 179 days of the exposition.
Each pavilion of the participating countries showed all its possible attractions in the development of horticulture and other aspects of interest to visitors and their families, a reflection of the union of nations of the world in friendship.
The great leadership of the State of Qatar was manifest in the objective of a greener future on our planet earth, for the benefit of future generations.
We have received many lessons from this global event, as the participating countries showed the latest trends in sustainability, modern agriculture and environmental preservation, technologies and innovation.
The fact that this fair was held in a territory with its own characteristics took on a greater value as the challenges are greater and the conquest of the desert with other lives in flora and fauna requires a lot of effort and dedication, which we are seeing.
The ministers of State of Qatar highlighted this great and unique exhibition, such as the attendance of HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al-Thani; and the Minister of Municipality, Abdullah bin Hamad bin Abdullah al-Attiya, amongst others.
Special mention is reserved for the Secretary-General, Mohamed Ali Alkhoori; the General Commissioner of the event, ambassador Bader Omar al-Dafa, as well as all his collaborators who could not have done better.
Having become aware of what we must do, Expo 2023 Doha, undoubtedly, leaves us with a great life lesson and responsibility to continue with the development of projects in this vital space for the good and life of the planet.
I also admire Sidra, a beautiful tree, which with its strength symbolically keeps perennial the example of overcoming all difficulties to live, grow and multiply, becoming a beautiful haven for various species of birds that are adapting to new habitats.
I must express that this international meeting also led us to reaffirm our respect for nature and with Mother Earth, the “Pacha Mama” (in Quechua language), revered by our ancient Peruvian cultures, such as the Inca Empire, creator of the world wonder “Machu Picchu” ; and that, to this day, they are revered.
With that generosity so characteristic of Qatar, we had the opportunity to install the Peruvian Pavilion, where we showed our quinoa, blueberries, avocados, asparagus, pomegranates, grapes, products that we find in the markets of Qatar.
I must express that my country has become a large producer of high quality fruits and vegetables, while rescuing extensive cultivation areas that were previously desert and its territory houses 84 of the 117 life zones and biodiversity of the world, thanks to the work of our farmers.
We have reached the first places of export in various products, highlighting blueberries, asparagus, avocado, mangoes, grapes, quinoa, organic bananas, olives, coffee and cocoa.
Finally, I would like to state that within the framework of Expo 2023 Doha and in co-ordination with HE the Minister of Municipality and the Department of Public Parks Mohamed Adullah Mohamed, at the beginning of March the ambassadors of Latin America and the Caribbean – GRULAC, planted future Sidra trees in the gardens of Al Bidda Park, which will perpetuate our friendship with a great country, Qatar!
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