The Qatar Drag Race Championship (QDRC) concluded in thrilling fashion with 110 competitors featuring in 14 categories in the fourth and final round.
The championship, which lasted for months, was sponsored by of Qatar Racing Club (QRC) Chairman HE Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani.
In the Super Stock category during the last round, Nawaf
al-Ansari emerged victorious after defeating Ahmed Malik in the
final race, securing his fourth podium finish of the season, ultimately winning the championship title.
In the Super Street category, Hamad al-Muftah claimed the title after defeating the qualifying trials leader Mustafa Atat in the final race.
The season championship title went to racer Khalid al-Sultan. Ahmed al-Emadi managed to combine the last round title with the season championship in
the 8 Cylinder Pro category after defeating Abdullah Ali in the final, while Abdul Rahman Kafoud also combined the two titles but in
the Modified 8 Cylinder category after beating Khalid al-Ajmi in the final.
In the Stock category for cars with 8-cylinder engines, Salman Rajab won the fourth round title after defeating Akram Rashidi in the final race, with the latter becoming the champion of the current season in this category.
Moving on to cars equipped with 6-cylinder stock engines, racer Hamad al-Mansour claimed the fourth title of this season, achieving a perfect score and earning him the title of the current season’s champion.
Al-Mansour’s victory in this round came after he outperformed Mohamed Sayed in the final race.
Additionally, Mahmoud Ali Abbas won the 4 Cylinder Modified title by defeating Tariq Zaid in the final showdown.
These results led to Waseem Agha being crowned the champion of the current season, having won the previous three rounds. The 4 Cylinder Stock category saw Armando Austria claiming a consecutive victory this season by defeating Christian Saramento in the final race, seizing the season championship.
In the Modified Light Trucks categories, racer Badr al-Sharshani achieved his third consecutive victory in the championship, securing him the title of the current season, while, in the Stock category, Mohamed al-Ansari took first place, followed by Abdullah al-Hamadi in second, and Faisal Mohamed in third, leading to al-Hamadi claiming the season championship. In the Street ET category, Abdul Rahman Malik emerged victorious in the final race against Usman Anjoom, while Youssef Abu Diya secured third place, ultimately becoming the season champion after tying in points with Malik, edging him out based on the number of podium finishes.
Shahid Munir alone managed to secure two titles from the current season, the first of which came in the Stock Bike category where he won the fourth round, marking his third victory in this category this season.
In the Bike ET category, Ouzair Ismail managed to achieve his second title of the season after winning the second round, thus becoming the champion of the current season.
QRC Director Sheikh Jabor bin Khalid al-Thani crowned the championship winners and podium winners of the last round.
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