The US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) in Doha has hosted the third session of ‘Table Talks’, a forum for member companies to discuss and share business insights.

The innovative event fostered dynamic engagement, strengthened connections, and facilitated knowledge sharing among our esteemed business community.

The third session attracted active participation from numerous member companies representing various sectors. This highlighted the widespread interest and enthusiasm for the unique forum experience that USQBC ‘Table Talks’ offers.

“The third session of ‘Table Talks’ was a resounding success, bringing together members from diverse sectors to engage in meaningful conversations, establish connections, and gain invaluable insights from industry peers,” said Sheikha Mayes al-Thani, managing director of USQBC in Qatar, who opened the meeting by extending a warm welcome to all attendees, reaffirming the council’s commitment to empowering and supporting member companies.

As a prominent advocate for fostering mutual economic growth and enhancing business and trade relations between the US and Qatar, the USQBC is steadfast in its dedication, she said, adding that ‘Table Talks’ reflects the council’s vision of cultivating a seamless and enduring partnership based on shared interests and robust connections across bilateral relations, encompassing both business and culture.

The USQBC is a premier organisation dedicated to advancing economic and commercial ties between the US and Qatar. Through initiatives like ‘Table Talks’, the council endeavours to foster collaboration, provide resources, and support businesses in both nations. The organisation is committed to laying a solid foundation for a lasting and prosperous partnership between the US and Qatar.
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