Research successes have been achieved at Qatar University (QU) in collaboration with various entities in the country to reduce pollution and protect the environment, Prof Dr Samir Jaoua, at the College of Arts and Sciences, has said.

The professor of Microbiology and Molecular and Microbial Biotechnology told local Arabic daily Arrayah that one of the current research projects is focusing on the use of microorganisms to reduce environmental pollution, and the production of natural bacterial pesticides. According to several research programmes being conducted, bacteria produce proteins which could be used instead of chemical pesticides, aiming to preserve the environment. He noted that there are a good number of Master and PhD theses in this field at QU.

Prof Dr Jaoua said there is a scientific thesis of one of his graduate students, about isolating bacteria that resist harmful fungi producing mycotoxins. Professors at the department concerned from different specialties including marine sciences, biology, and botany among others, are highly interested in building an integrated research system.

Prof Dr Jaoua noted that the Qatari environment enjoys significant diversity in all natural resources including trees, animals, fish, and microorganisms, represent a rich source for researchers in various related fields.

Among the prominent studies and research are those related to plants producing molecules found to have health benefits, in addition to bacteria producing molecules capable of combating germs and resist harmful insects or bacteria producing proteins.

"We collaborate with many entities in the country to enhance the utilisation of research efforts for the benefit of the Qatari environment and society. Our research projects are funded by QU and the Qatar National Research Fund," he added.
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