Gulf Warehousing Company (GWC) has unveiled its latest initiative by integrating vision-picking technology into supply chain operations.

“With a steadfast commitment to innovation, GWC is the first logistics company in Qatar to implement vision-picking technology, leading the way toward a more efficient, accurate, and safe future for logistics,” the company announced Tuesday.

Vision picking is a transformative, cutting-edge technology that revolutionises single and multi-order picking, using computer vision systems, cameras, and augmented reality (AR) devices to help the staff to identify and select items from warehouse locations accurately and efficiently.

The initiative optimises warehouse operations, improving accuracy through providing visual instructions that reduce human error margins; increasing efficiency by helping the staff find and pick items faster; and enhancing inventory management and visibility through real-time tracking options.

The integration of vision picking in GWC's warehouse operations has resulted in a notable increase in picking speed. By automating the picking process, the technology has reduced the time and effort required by the human workforce, optimising warehouse operations, and increasing productivity.

Additionally, through its prioritisation of workplace safety and its integration with existing protocols, vision picking has provided a safer working environment for GWC's workforce.

"Our pioneering efforts in adopting innovative solutions mark a significant step forward in enhancing the logistics landscape, aligning with our commitment to Qatar’s sustainable development goals.

“This approach underscores our dedication to driving efficiency, accuracy, and safety in warehouse operations, ensuring unparalleled service excellence for our clients," stated GWC Group CEO Ranjeev Menon.

GWC has emerged as a leading example of innovation and adaptability amid the industry’s changing dynamics, and is poised to navigate forthcoming challenges and prepared to establish pioneering standards of excellence in logistics and supply chain sector.