the task was about futures,
but how selfish it seems
to ignore thousands of stolen futures
and focus on my hopes and dreams.
futures obscured by the cloud of smoke
that cloud of smoke which
followed the strikes
their dreams were silenced by the sound of bombs
sniffles, tears and prayers
replacing lullabies
born into the dust and rubble of conflict,
that conflict which seems to never end
their childhoods were taken within minutes
hope - a fleeting emotion, an intermittent friend.
the place they call home,
their playground also gone.
taken within minutes,
gone because of that bomb.
pitch black nights
brightened by the fiery skies,
instead of fireworks for the children,
gunfire and air strikes.
“we stand with israel”
believe me, your stance is clear.
hypocrisy, double standards,
and a near century of fear.
i stand with innocent israelis
i stand with palestine,
my stand is with gaza
values of fairness and justice shall always be mine.
what about the children?
a million childhood dreams.
not even nightmares anymore
tons of rubble muffling their screams.
real people, not numbers
not empty shells with no souls
a people with futures,
people like us, people with goals.
future doctors, scientists, artists,
to-be mothers and fathers
but those futures are now
for monsters in rage choose not to see.
monsters is a strong, vile word
but it’s the word i want to use.
because only monsters can carry carnage,
mercy and kindness they refuse.
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