Commuters at a suburban Australian railway station were waiting for a late-night train to take them home. Instead, a horse arrived.
Bizarre security footage shows a rogue racehorse startling passengers as it trotted up and down a train platform in outer Sydney.
Transport officials said the off-the-rails runaway - clad in a flapping beige horse blanket - had bolted from nearby stables.
When the train finally did arrive, it had to cruise through the station with its doors closed, lest the horse try to hitch a ride.
At one point, the horse appeared to chase a man down the platform.
Sydney Trains boss Matt Longland said the equine episode, was “a little bit unusual”.
With similar understatement, state Transport Minister Jo Haylen said: “It’s not every day you see a horse on the platform.”
After prowling the platform for 17 minutes, the horse’s trainer eventually arrived to bundle the bewildered animal off in a trailer.
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