UK police announced on Friday that they have launched an investigation into the deputy leader of the opposition Labour party over claims she may have broken electoral law.
Ruling Conservative MPs have accused Angela Rayner of giving false information about her main residence to avoid paying full tax on the sale of her house in 2015.
Angela Rayner strenuously denies wrongdoing and has accused Conservatives of a "manufactured" smear as they try to narrow polls before this year's general election.
Greater Manchester police had initially said it would not investigate Rayner but changed its stance following a complaint from Conservative deputy chairman James Daly.
"We're investigating whether any offences have been committed," a spokesperson said.
"This follows a reassessment of the information provided to us by Mr Daly."
Rayner, 44, insists that she followed the rules when she sold for a profit her former council house, which she had declared as her principal residence on the electoral register.
Daly has reportedly told police that neighbours believed Rayner was living with her then-husband at his home, possibly making her liable for capital gains tax.
Labour leader Keir Starmer has backed Rayner and a party spokesperson said: "Angela welcomes the chance to set out the facts with the police."
Labour, in opposition since 2010, are soaring ahead of the Tories in opinion polls.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said the election will be in the second half of the year, but is yet to name a date.
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