Official data from France showed today that the country's inflation rate has slowed to its lowest level in two and a half years, recording an annual increase of 3.2 percent in March, following a rise of 3.0 percent in February.

The French statistical office (INSEE) said that that this was the lowest inflation rate since Sep. 2021 when the inflation rate was 2.2 percent. The office added that the annual decline reflects slower growth rates in food, services, tobacco, energy, and manufactured products prices. Food inflation significantly decreased to 1.7 percent from 3.6 percent, while energy prices rose by 3.4 percent, which is still much lower than the rate seen in February, where it increased by 4.3 percent.

The growth rate of manufactured product prices decreased to 1.0 percent, down from 4.0 percent in February, and service costs increased by 3.0 percent, following a 2.3 percent increase in February.