The 7th edition of ‘Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Festival’ kicked off at the Old Doha Port yesterday (April 11), hosting more than 50 companies that offer an array of popular and signature beverages and sweets.
Running for 10 days until April 20, the popular family-oriented event transforms the historic Old Doha Port into a hub of gastronomic delight and entertainment.
Visitors, mostly families and children, are treated with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the subtle fragrance of tea, and the rich scent of chocolate wafting through the air.
Speaking to Gulf Times, festival project manager Jad Kansour highlighted the importance of an event that caters to families, saying: “It’s a cozy event, everything is related to coffee, tea, and chocolate. What attracts the people mostly is the kids’ areas since you know Qatar is all about families.”
With large dedicated spaces for entertainment and play, he said the festival ensures a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.
Kansour highlighted the festival’s commitment to supporting local businesses, with many of the participants being homegrown companies alongside international brands.
Another attraction is a food court that boasts delicacies from around the world, with approximately eight restaurants that offer diverse culinary experiences.
In a region where coffee and tea culture thrives, Kansour said the festival taps into the growing popularity of these beverages among Qataris, Saudis, and Emiratis, among other nationals in the region.
“It’s very popular in Qatar and Qataris want coffee in the morning and at night,” he said, adding that besides beverages and chocolates, the festival also showcases various types of honey from Spain and Azerbaijan, as well as street foods from different regions.
About the event’s venue, Kansour underscored Old Doha Port’s rising status and allure as a trendy tourist spot, saying: “Old Doha Port is becoming a favourite destination, for six months the weather is amazing and we’re coming here to celebrate it after Ramadan and for the Eid”.
Organisers plan to hold the event in different locations, ensuring each iteration offers a unique experience for attendees such as the previous edition at Al Bidda Park during the Expo 2023 Doha. It provided visitors the opportunity to engage in a range of activities, including barista competitions, tasting sessions, and seminars, among others. Kansour said the festival is set to be held twice yearly, reflecting its growing significance within Qatar’s cultural landscape. He added that it has become a networking hub, fostering a sense of community among coffee, tea, and chocolate aficionados in the country.
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