Generation, defining ethnic women's fashion in Pakistan, stands as a testament to 40 years of innovation, evolution, and unwavering commitment to values beyond mere aesthetics. Founded with a vision to redefine traditional wear, Generation has metamorphosed into a powerhouse that not only sets trends but also champions social causes close to its heart.

The journey of Generation traces back to its humble beginnings four decades ago. What started as a modest venture blossomed into an empire, resonating with the cultural ethos of Pakistan while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion.

Through the years, Generation has demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt and reinvent itself, staying attuned to the pulse of the ever-changing fashion landscape. Many people complain after 40 years of Generation that they show nothing new. My point is that they doesn’t have to – we wouldn’t have them any other way. They stay true to their signature which is fabulous fabric, flattering cuts and the verve of minimalistic modernity. These are elegant and timeless pieces for women who do not like 100 rounds to get that perfectly stitched outfit from the tailor, neither do they have time for such shenanigans ¬¬– but love a nicely done three-piece joras and humongous paneled kurtas.

The difference is a huge, glaring one when sees a collection of gorgeous outfits at any given fashion week or the online campaign released, and like a flash in the pan it’s gone. Sometimes in terms of enough stock or sometimes it’s a matter of what we see online is never translate well to the rack.

The few wise retailers, like Generation immediately prepare their boutiques for the arrival of those collections where fashion lovers hurry off to.

This Eid drop by Generation was cohesive, international and very modern in its outlook – it’s like team under Khadija’s realm thought “it’s spring, let’s make everything vibrant” and went ahead with it. It has become a fashion powerhouse, with its own prints, shoes, bags and a racy flamboyant ubersexy style that never crosses the line into tackorama. That’s what it’s about really – creating a brand that screams your signature.

Generation's this Eid collection exemplifies its commitment to forming a statement, that is blingy yet minimalistic to its core. With a nod to minimalism and a touch of exquisite craftsmanship, the collection seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair. The intricate gota work, delicately adorning each garment, reflects Generation's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to quality.

Gulf Times

Generation Eid Al Fitr Collection 2024.

As a ready-to-wear brand, Generation has struck the perfect balance between accessibility and sophistication, making high fashion attainable for women from all walks of life. Each ensemble is a tribute to the brand's unwavering pursuit of elegance and authenticity, ensuring that every wearer feels empowered and confident.

However, Generation's impact transcends the realm of fashion. With a keen sense of responsibility towards society, the brand has actively engaged in campaigns and causes that resonate with its ethos. Body positivity, inclusivity, women empowerment, and global issues like Gaza have found a platform within Generation's ethos. Consistent embroideries of watermelon on its fabric and clothes, as a symbol of solidarity with Palestine, has been a huge element of it. By using its influence to amplify voices and advocate for change, Generation has become more than just a fashion label—it's a movement.

Moreover, Generation has embraced sustainable fashion practices, recognising the urgent need for environmental stewardship. By employing repurposed fabrics and championing eco-friendly initiatives, the brand is leading by example in the quest for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Generation is more than just a fashion brand; it's a symbol of resilience, progress, and social responsibility. With a rich history spanning four decades, Generation continues to inspire, empower, and redefine the narrative of Pakistani fashion, one stitch at a time.

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Eid 2024 – The Expat Way:

In a colourful tapestry of cultures, Gulf Times, with Generation, brought forth a heartwarming narrative of expatriates finding solace in the celebration of Eid in Qatar. Infusing multicultural group of friends with the essence of festivities. With each stitch of Generation clothing adorning their frames, they become ambassadors of diversity, radiating the joy of shared traditions and the beauty of cultural exchange. This captivating story serves as a testament to the unifying power of fashion and festivity, as these expat friends in Doha embraced Eid with open arms, bridging continents and creating lasting memories amidst the bustling city of Doha.

Amidst this celebration of diversity, features Lulwa Al Marri, a shining star of Qatar's athletic realm, in an exclusive fashion editorial. As a Qatar National Athlete, Lulwa embodies grace, strength, and resilience, qualities that seamlessly intertwine with Generation's ethos of empowerment and self-expression. Through this collaboration, Gulf Times highlights the convergence of sport and style, showcasing Lulwa's prowess both on and off the field. Her presence adds a touch of elegance and dynamism to the narrative, reinforcing the commitment to championing local talent and embracing inclusivity in every facet of Qatar's vibrant cultural landscape.

Gulf Times

Lulwa Al Marri, Qatar's athlete and first Iron Woman of Qatar in Generation.

In this captivating story of expatriates finding joy and unity in Qatar, is also Grace Herto from Mexico, a dynamic spinning instructor whose energy and zest for life infuse every moment with excitement. Alongside her stands Shyam, hailing from Sri Lanka, whose serene presence and warm spirit add depth to the group's textile of friendship.

Gulf Times

Grace Herto

Gulf Times

Shyam from Sri Lanka, left, Aisha from Kuwait, Centre.

In the heart of this multicultural ensemble is Sana, a dedicated advocate for children with special needs from Pakistan, whose compassion and expertise enrich the lives of those around her.

Gulf Times

Sana Saeed

Completing this eclectic cast is Aisha, the corporate powerhouse from Kuwait, whose ambition and determination inspire her peers to reach for the stars. And bringing all of them together, is myself, the part of fashion team at Gulf Times. Together, they represent the mosaic of experiences and backgrounds that define the expatriate community in Qatar, united by their shared love for fashion, friendship, and the spirit of Eid. Through the fashion lens, their stories unfold as a celebration of resilience, empowerment, and the enduring bonds forged in the vibrant tapestry of Qatar's cultural landscape.

Gulf Times

Al Messila Resort:

Al Messila Resort is a hidden gem that embodies the natural beauty and tranquility of Qatar. Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, this lush retreat serves as a gentle reminder of the captivating landscapes and rich biodiversity that grace the Qatari terrain. Messila Resort stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modernity and nature, offering a picturesque setting for this editorial. In choosing this venue, we aim to showcase not only the cosmopolitan allure of Qatar but also its pristine landscapes and verdant surroundings. By highlighting the serene beauty of Al Messila Resort, we hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for the diverse tapestry of natural wonders that Qatar has to offer, inviting locals and visitors alike to discover the hidden treasures nestled within the heart of this dynamic city.

Photos by: Rafid Alo
Makeup Artist: Ali Raza
Hair by: Maya Kolosova
Location: Al Messila Resort
Video Production: SADQ Productions
Clothing: Generation
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