Commercial Bank has once again championed sustainability with its Build a Bike initiative.

Commercial Bank has always been a key player in the Corporate Social Responsibility field, presenting its workplace with an array of opportunities to contribute to the community and experience the joy of giving firsthand.

Recently, the bank carried out its ‘Build a Bike’ initiative where employees were divided into teams and had to work together to assemble bicycles that were donated to Qatar Charity later.

These bicycles are more than just means of transportation; they embody hope as they preserve Qatar’s environment while bringing joy and relief to those in need.

Commercial Bank Group CEO Joseph Abaraham said: “Commercial Bank’s guiding principle has always been forward-thinking. We are committed to addressing the present needs of our community while simultaneously strategising to fulfill their future aspirations. Offering support to different sections of our society is an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.”

Hussein al-Abdullah, executive general manager and chief marketing officer at Commercial Bank said, “Build a Bike represents one of many initiatives that we have taken as a bank to prove that even though we are a financial institution, our mission will always be geared towards the upliftment of our community.

“Coming together as one team under one vision proves Corporate Social Responsibility to be more than just a strategy at Commercial Bank; it is a promise that runs deep in our cultural structure from the earliest days.”

Commercial Bank’s unwavering dedication to the community’s well-being stems from the understanding that every action taken today will play a profound role in building a more vibrant future for the world tomorrow.
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