Rayan Majeed, a 13-year-old student of MES Indian School, has the unique distinction of making his entrepreneurial debut by launching artofwave.in, a venture specialising in UI (user interface) – UX (user experience) design, branding, motion graphics, and animations.

His journey began with online communities where he found inspiration from creators and chief executives of innovative startups on platforms like Buildergroop, Design Buddies, and Community Architects.

Building connections and comradeship with these communities sparked Rayan's desire to start something of his own which gave birth to artofwave.in

Through his platform, Rayan has the opportunity to collaborate with international and local clients, thus gaining expertise in his ability and readiness to develop, organise and run a business enterprise and online marketing strategy.

He also contributed his talents to top-notch brands such as B2B Global Network, a company that provides business advisory and support services and the largest expatriate organisation in Qatar, further expanding his portfolio and network within the startup environment.

Rayan aspires to establish his creative startup one day.

He continues to refine his skills and creating compelling content – all while nurturing his educational spirit.

With dedication and determination, Rayan is well on his way to make his mark in the world of startups and design.

His vision is to have a positive impact in the world of commerce and trade.

Inspired by the innovative solutions that he encountered in online communities and fuelled by his desire to contribute constructively, Rayan envisions his future startup as a platform dedicated to leveraging design and technology to address pressing global demands and challenges.

Endowed with a keen understanding of the power of creativity and innovation, Rayan aims to establish a dream startup that not only delivers exceptional design services, but also serves as a catalyst for social change.

Whether it is developing sustainable solutions, advocating for social justice, or promoting inclusivity, the teen is committed to using his skills and expertise to make a difference in people's lives besides serving as a huge influence for youngsters to emulate his possession and determination in the field of online commerce and entrepreneurship.
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