Masraf Al Rayan has announced its support and donation to Qatar Charity (QC) to assist debtors in Qatar during the blessed month of Ramadan, stemming from its noble meanings that urge generosity and dedication to charitable work.

The donation from Masraf Al Rayan will be deployed to assist individuals burdened by debt as part of QC's projects implemented under its Ramdan campaign ‘Endless Giving’.

Hamad al-Kubaisi, Group chief HR officer, Masraf Al Rayan, said, "It is our pleasure to offer support to Qatar Charity to assist debtors in Qatar. We are pleased to see the impact of our contribution to supporting individuals who have been burdened by debts, helping to create opportunities for them to overcome their challenges and thus build a better future for themselves and their families."

Khaled al-Yafei, director, Customer Service Department at QC, commended Masraf Al Rayan's support, saying: “Qatar Charity gives great attention to the local community to enhance social solidarity and assist those facing emergencies, especially during this blessed month of Ramadan, through its 'Alaqraboon’ platform, which seeks to facilitate the associated procedures through its application and website and to coordinate with relevant authorities.

“Our efforts are not limited to just the debtors, but we also strive to provide assistance to those with low-income and humanitarian cases and implement numerous community programmes targeting the various segments of Qatari society, in co-operation with many governmental and non-governmental entities."

On behalf of QC, he extended gratitude to all benefactors, including Qatari institutions, and urged individuals, companies, and banks to launch similar initiatives to help as many cases as possible and reunite their families.
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