Qatar participated Wednesday in the extraordinary session of the Arab League Council at the level of permanent representatives, which was held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League, upon the request of the State of Palestine to discuss the Arab action regarding the continuation of the genocide and starvation policy against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, as well as in light of Israeli threats to invade the Palestinian city of Rafah.

Qatar's delegation was chaired by HE the Permanent Representative to the Arab League Tariq Ali Faraj al-Ansari.

In his speech during the meeting, HE al-Ansari affirmed that Qatar strongly condemns the threat to invade Rafah and the Israeli occupation's announcement of the seizure of lands in the Jordan Valley in the occupied Palestinian territories. He pointed out that these threats are an extension of the deliberate policy of occupation aimed at expanding settlements, forcibly displacing the Palestinian people, and depriving them of their rights without any moral or conscience.

He added that Qatar, while emphasising its complete rejection of encroachments on the rights of the Palestinian people, warns in this context that the continuation of the Israeli occupation's disregard for international laws, particularly international humanitarian law, and the imposition of the logic of force and fait accompli, will completely undermine the credibility of international decisions and the prospects for the desired peace, especially with the continuation of the brutal war on occupied Palestine, including the Gaza Strip, and threats to invade other cities and their serious humanitarian consequences on civilians despite the issuance of Security Council resolutions 2728 and 2700, noting that it was a dangerous precedent threatening international peace and security.

He further emphasised that the war in the Gaza Strip has resulted in a tragic humanitarian situation that continues to worsen day by day due to obstacles to the entry of relief aid and the targeting of civilians, including children and women, in aid distribution areas. In this regard, he reiterated Qatar's rejection of the use of food as a weapon against civilians in the war on the Gaza Strip.

He said that Qatar, while emphasising the need for aid to reach all areas of the Gaza Strip without obstacles, stresses the importance of enhancing regional and international efforts for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and aggression against the Palestinian people, as well as ensuring accountability and preventing impunity for all crimes committed as a result of this horrific war. He emphasised the need for the international community to fulfil its legal and moral responsibilities to protect the Palestinian people, especially since the expansion of settlements means the displacement of the population, which constitutes a war crime under international law.

In this context, he noted the continued joint efforts of Qatar with Egypt aimed at achieving a sustainable ceasefire, emphasising the importance of continued efforts within the framework of joint Arab action to find a sustainable solution to the tragedy of the Palestinian brothers.

He also pointed out Qatar's support for all steps taken by sister Arab countries to confront the consequences of the brutal Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and to support the efforts of sisterly and friendly countries to provide immediate, sustainable, and sufficient assistance to the Palestinian people.
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