Google is testing several new changes in the user interface in the Android 15 operating system, which is expected to launch the first beta version of this new system in April, including modifying the display of applications according to users' preferences.

The company added "color contrast" options hidden within the "Accessibility" settings in the system.

These settings allow users to control the contrast of text, buttons, and even icons within applications. The options can be set to "default", "medium", "high", or a click on the "Maximize Text Contrast" option to place a background behind the text for better visibility.

Google will provide these new options to help users who have visual disabilities in particular.

The company is also testing a redesign of the audio control interface in the Android 15 system, where the volume control bars will be thicker for each volume control element. The name of each control will be located inside the slider. (QNA)
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