In a bid to foster commitment, creativity, and a stimulating work environment, QIIB recently recognised its 'outstanding' employees for their exceptional performance and significant contributions to tangible progress throughout the year 2023.

QIIB chief executive officer Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmad Al-Shaibei presented certificates of appreciation to the honoured employees at a ceremony hosted at the bank's main headquarters at Grand Hamad Street, which was attended by senior bank executives.

In his remarks at the ceremony, al-Shaibei, said: "Honouring our distinguished employees is a testament to QIIB's recognition and appreciation for their excellence, perseverance, and outstanding performance."

"Celebrating our exceptional and persistent employees has become a tradition at the bank, fostering a spirit of initiative, innovation, and dedication. Our meticulous evaluation criteria contribute to cultivating a professional staff capable of fulfilling their duties to the utmost."

Dr al-Shaibei, emphasised: "The recognised employees come from various departments and sectors of the bank and have been selected based on criteria such as outstanding performance and surpassing work objectives. This ceremony not only applauds hard work and innovation but also affirms that distinguished employees consistently deserve recognition."

He underlined: "QIIB is dedicated to cultivating a motivating work environment for all its employees. Recognising distinguished employees serves as an incentive for their colleagues, fostering healthy competition for excellence and achievement, ultimately benefiting both the bank and its employees."

In response, the honoured employees expressed their joy and gratitude for the recognition received for their efforts in the past year. They particularly highlighted QIIB's unique work environment, which, they believe, facilitates the discovery and nurturing of talents and achievement of job excellence.
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