Zumra Group under the leadership of its founder Nasser al-Naama, organized ‘After Hardship Comes Ease’ Ramadan event on Thursday 28th March at the Mondrian Hotel.

An evening dedicated to inspiring stories of resilience and breakthrough in the face of challenges, focussing on living verses from the Quran and hearing testimonies from five distinguished speakers. Noor Al Kuwari, Ahmed Al Sumaiti, Hameed Al Qahtani, Khalifa Al Obaidaly and Vicky Yaghi, sharing their inspiring journeys of overcoming challenges.

Nasser al-Naama is proud to announce the highlight of the event, the Charity Art Exhibition "Art for Palestine", spearheaded by artist & curator Banan Soliman, with 100% of proceeds from artwork sales directly benefiting Qatar Red Crescent's humanitarian efforts in Palestine. The idea for the Charity exhibition stemmed from Banan Soliman's previous experience organizing similar initiatives in Germany. "In light of the current challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in Palestine, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, I was inspired to initiate this charity art exhibition" stated Banan Soliman. "I am eager to utilize the power of art to unite hearts, uplifting spirits in the face of challenges and make a meaningful difference in the lives of Palestinians. By coming together for this cause we embody the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines the essence of Ramadan. Our aim is to boost community involvement and offer much-needed assistance in Palestine ."

The ongoing exhibition is featuring a diverse selection with a total of 30 artworks including paintings, sculptures and photographs of well known artists like Ismail Azzam, Azzam al-Mannai, Ahmed Nouh, Bachir Mohamad, Lulwa al-Misfer, Banan Soliman, Maria Ovsyannikova, Saeed al-Habshi, Aryam Elizabeth Ladera Ramos, Hassan Bahou and Hameed Al Qahtani.

For more information about the exhibition and ways to support, please contact Zumra Group [IG zumragrp]. The Art exhibition in the Mondrian's EllaMia venue was extended to allow more art enthusiasts and the general public to view and purchase artworks.

The beauty of Zumra Community lies in discovering and embracing the diverse identities and experiences of others.