Ali Sheikhani, a multifaceted individual known for his roles as a businessman, politician, and police officer recently donated PKR 100 million to JDC Foundation during his visit to the foundation’s Free Diagnostic Lab offering vital blood tests, which is in the first phase of its expansion and opening. The state-of-the-art Diagnostic Lab is committed to serving people on a daily basis. The implementation of the free blood tests initiative involves targeting diverse demographics, reaching various areas, and offering a wide range of specific tests. The lab aims to ensure accessibility to vital diagnostic services, promoting early detection, and contributing to the overall health and well-being of individuals across different communities.

A new machine has been added to the diagnostic lab with a capacity of conducting 250 blood tests per hour, detecting 300 different diseases. “This donation is not in any way equivalent to what JDC Foundation is doing for the underprivileged people without any discrimination. Everyone, overseas or locally in the country, needs to support this cause. It’s not easy to import such machines that are technological advanced in medical system,” says Sheikhani.

In honor of his late mother, Sheikhani founded the Shamim Sheikhani Foundation in 2019, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to serving the underprivileged residents of Fort Bend County.

The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation operates a comprehensive range of services aimed at alleviating the hardships faced by lower-income families in the Houston area. At the heart of its mission is a full-service food kitchen, providing nutritious meals to those in need. Additionally, the foundation offers a spectrum of free public services, including clothing distribution, bill assistance, financial aid, and medical relief, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive the support they require to thrive.
One of the cornerstone initiatives of the Shamim Sheikhani Foundation is its annual ‘Iftar Food Drive’ held during the holy month of Ramadan. For the past four years, this initiative has been instrumental in providing essential sustenance to community members experiencing food insecurity.

With a staggering distribution of 50,000 boxes of food throughout the month, averaging around 2,000 boxes per day, the foundation's efforts have significantly impacted the lives of countless individuals and families.
The ‘Iftar Food Drive’ not only addresses the immediate nutritional needs of the community but also embodies the spirit of Ramadan, emphasizing compassion, generosity, and solidarity. Through this initiative, Ali Sheikhani and the Shamim Sheikhani Foundation exemplify the true essence of giving back and serving others, echoing the values instilled by his late mother.
Beyond its charitable activities, the foundation serves as a beacon of hope and support for the marginalised populations of Houston, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Ali Sheikhani's vision and dedication to uplifting those in need have earned him widespread admiration and gratitude, cementing his legacy as a compassionate leader and humanitarian.
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