The atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan serves as a source of inspiration for Qatari artists, including visual artists and photographers, due to the blending of spiritual dimensions and social heritage in people’s relationship with their religion and daily lives.
Qatari creatives celebrate the aesthetics of heritage and cultural identity in their artistic works, drawing inspiration from various dimensions of tradition. They present these ideas in different artistic formats and diverse styles in photography, sculpture, composition, and graphics.
Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), prominent photographers and visual artists highlighted the inspirational aspects of Ramadan rituals and its atmosphere in their artistic experiences.
Renowned visual artist Hassan al-Mulla, a pioneer in artistic creativity and visual arts, emphasised in a statement to QNA that the environment, nature, traditional architecture, and places, with their markets, have always been a constant source of artistic inspiration for him. He noted that cultural and social heritage, with its stories and lifestyle in the past, provided him with a rich reservoir of visions and projects embodied in his paintings, distinguishing his artistic works and persona as an artist.
Al-Mulla explained that the atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan has been etched in his memory since childhood, with its spiritual details, rituals, and social dimensions. He highlighted many scenes in his works, some of which are recalled from childhood memories, such as the preparation of traditional Qatari households to welcome the month by preparing their special meals.
Al-Mulla added that his paintings and artistic works are rich with scenes derived from the atmosphere of Ramadan. He explained that these scenes form a spiritual and cultural asset for the artist, shaping his memory and imagination, pointing out that his artistic experience represents a celebration of the beauty of this heritage, its traditions, and the spiritual and social atmospheres associated with it.
On his part, visual artist Hassan Bujassum explained that the atmosphere of Ramadan, with its rituals and fasting-related practices, provides the artist with spiritual enrichment and motivates them to document these moments in their works. The social aspects associated with this month embody authentic moments of the community’s customs and traditions, in terms of communication, giving, mercy, and filial piety. He stated that his artistic experience is inspired by society and the meanings of harmony, socialising, giving, and familial ties, all of which are evident during the holy month, where everyone competes to do good and fulfil religious and social duties to the best of their abilities.
Bujassum emphasised that the pursuit of excellence is the general characteristic of people’s behaviour during Ramadan, as everyone strives in worship and work, and everyone is keen to offer their best during this blessed month. Therefore, visual artists strive to highlight their perspectives on the atmosphere of Ramadan in the best possible ways and styles, affirming that their works inspired by Ramadan celebrate identity, community, traditions, customs, and distinguished cultural heritage.
Jassim al-Muhannadi, an award-winning photographer locally, regionally, and internationally, affirmed that visual arts in general, and photography in particular, have creatively contributed to documenting elements of national identity, cultural heritage, and contemporary Qatari renaissance in its various dimensions. (QNA)
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