To raise awareness about cybercrimes including hacking, fraudulent practices of all kinds, threats and blackmailing and its prevention, the Cyber Crimes Prevention Department of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) conducted an online session for parents, students and staff of MES Indian School.
First Lt Abdullah al-Harmi shared details of common types of cybercrimes, methods of combating them, punishments for different types of cyber offences such as blackmailing, phishing, fraudulent messages, thefts and piracy and explained the services offered by the department for the public.
The webinar provided general instructions on preventing cybercrimes such as securing online and social media accounts and bank cards, carefully dealing with unknown messages and anonymous calls, and not sharing passwords or personal ID information with others.
Principal Dr Hameeda Kadar thanked the officer for enlightening the audience about cybercrimes and preventive measures. In the question-answer session, students and parents clarified their doubts. Faisal al-Hudawi, Public Relations Department, MoI, co-ordinated the
online session.