The Qatar embassy in Jordan, with the support of Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), distributed 874 food packages during the holy month of Ramadan, a statement said Tuesday.

The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) and Qatar Charity (QC) concluded their latest four-day campaign aimed at reaching the most vulnerable segments of society, particularly needy families in Mafraq, Zarqa, Jerash, and Amman. More than 3,500 people benefit from this initiative.

The campaign stems from the humanitarian and developmental role in alleviating the humanitarian burden on Jordan and its significant role in hosting refugees. It signifies the brotherhood and friendship between the two sisterly countries.

The campaign is part of a series of programmes provided by QC’s office in Jordan in various fields, including family and orphan sponsorship, health programmes, humanitarian projects, and economic empowerment of families, in addition to Ramadan projects through collaboration and co-ordination with JHCO, which serves as QC's primary partner and supporter in Jordan.

Qatar has a history in providing generous support through QFFD. It recently provided $2mn to the UNHCR programme. This reaffirms the ongoing commitment of the Qatari government to support refugees in Jordan, the statement added.
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