Qatar Charity has launched its ‘Double Your Ajir’ campaign.

To run in the second ten days of Ramadan, the campaign, according to an official statement, aims to provide clean drinking water and housing for needy families, as well as build mosques at minimal cost. The drive comes as part of Qatar Charity’s current Ramadan campaign ‘Endless Giving’. More than a million people are expected to benefit from the campaign across the world with the support of benefactors in Qatar.

The campaign aims, through these projects, to create a developmental impact on the targeted poor and needy communities. This is achieved by providing them with clean drinking water and contributing to alleviating the suffering of drought. It also aims to provide suitable safe housing that ensures a dignified life for poor families, as well as mosques that enable worshippers to pray with humbleness and tranquility. Furthermore, the campaign offers opportunities for learning the Qur'an and Islam.

It also provides an opportunity for benefactors in this blessed month to multiply their rewards, by donating to the projects that make a difference in the lives of the targeted individuals.

The campaign seeks to dig and equip many wells, build homes for the poor and construct mosques at minimal cost.

The campaign covers 12 Asian and African countries, which are Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Chad, Togo, Nigeria, Niger, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Qatar Charity has urged the benefactors in Qatar to support the campaign by sponsoring the cost of an entire project, a package of charitable projects, or a share that serves as a continuous charity in multiple projects across different countries at minimal cost.

The contributions of the donors will bring joy to those in need, quench the thirst of the thirsty, build homes for needy families or construct mosques for worshippers.

Donations can be made to the campaign through the following link:

To make contributions, a “Home Collector” can be requested through the app (, in addition to dialling 44920000 for this purpose. Furthermore, benefactors can donate at Qatar Charity’s branches, as well as at its collection points in the commercial complexes.
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