Iberdrola Innovation Middle East has made a significant appearance at the 2024 IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON), hosted by Qatar University this month.

In alignment with its mission to create a global impact through local innovations, the innovation centre revealed two digital products, developed collaboratively by its global and Qatar-based teams. The products emphasised energy efficiency, with one focusing on holistic home energy management and the other optimising the life cycle of solar plants and wind turbines.

Santiago Bañales, managing director of Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, emphasised the pivotal role of digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Edge computing in the current energy transition. He said these innovations act as catalysts, empowering energy industry leaders to enhance the efficiency of generation and electrical network assets.

Bañales said, “Our commitment at Iberdrola Innovation Middle East is not just to lead in these technological advancements but to provide tools that empower the final customer, enabling them to actively participate in shaping the future of the energy transition.”

Professor Ridha Hamila, general chair, Qatar University, said: “Qatar University was pleased to be the venue for the IEEE Region 8 Flagship Conference ENERGYCON 2024, showcasing our commitment to fostering an environment where thought leaders from academia and industry experts, including representatives from Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, can exchange ideas and drive progress in energy sustainability.”

The first product showcased was ‘Smart Energy @ Home’, a holistic approach to home energy management. This innovative product, leveraging artificial intelligence on a cloud platform, empowers digital consumers to optimise energy consumption within their homes, covering aspects such as air conditioning, heat pump efficiency, electrical appliances, electric vehicle usage, and solar panel utilisation.

The second product, ‘Advanced Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration’, is an analytical platform that optimises the life cycle, including planning, designing, operation, and maintenance of solar plants and wind turbines.

During the panel discussion titled ‘Digital Energy Products’, which was moderated by Dr Javier Hernandez, technical director at Iberdrola Innovation Middle East, industry experts from Spain and Qatar discussed the evolving landscape of the energy sector.
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