Baladna and Widam Food have announced the signing of a new partnership agreement aimed at extending the co-operation between the two parties and enhancing strategic integration for three more years, a statement from Widam Food said Wednesday.

The areement, signed at a ceremony at Baladna headquarters, includes the continued availability of bull calves in the Qatari market to enhance the diversity of local food products. Baladna CEO Malcolm Jordan and Widam CEO Alnubi Salem al-Marri were the signatories.

Al-Marri stressed the importance of the agreement in enhancing strategic integration between local companies and promoting the country's self-sufficiency in local production. He pointed out that this partnership reflects the company's strategy in providing high-quality local products from various reliable sources.

Jordan also stressed the importance of this agreement in supporting the key partnership in line with Baladna’s and Widam mission to deliver food security strategy for the country as well as providing a full circle sustainable business practice.

This agreement comes as part of adopting global practices aimed at developing the available opportunities to achieve sustainable development and enhance the country's self-sufficiency.
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