Numerous museums and institutions in Doha are showcasing prized possessions from their collections that honour Moroccan culture and artistic heritage, marking the Qatar – Morocco 2024 Year of Culture, Qatar Museums (QM) has said.
The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) kicked off the festivities with a grand showcase featuring the Berber Jewellery Collection from the Royal Palace. Opened on February 20 and running until May, this exhibition highlights more than 200 historically significant pieces, sourced from renowned institutions like Morocco’s Oudayas and the National Museum of Adornment in Rabat.
QM noted that this exhibition marks the first time the Royal Collection has ventured outside Morocco, offering a rare glimpse into the country’s diverse regions.
The Katara Cultural Village launched the Katara Prize for Manuscripts and Archeological Sites, with Morocco receiving the inaugural honour. The $90,000 prize includes categories for unpublished manuscripts and archaeological research, welcoming submissions from all nationalities.
QM said Amine El Gotaibi, a distinguished Moroccan designer and fine artist renowned for his work with natural materials, is also making waves in Doha. His commissioned piece, showcased at The Ned Hotel and Design Doha Biennale titled “Desert of the North,” explores the interplay between wool and copper, reflecting on tensions within contrasting elements and environmental conditions.
In addition to these contemporary exhibitions, QM added that MIA offers an array of artefacts celebrating Moroccan culture, including a unique astrolabe crafted by Abu Bakr ibn Yusuf, renowned for his intricate engravings.
Visitors also have the chance to see a 17th-century Quran penned by Ahmad ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Ibrahim and a collection of Hadith, offering profound insights into Morocco’s cultural and religious heritage.
The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum shines a spotlight on Morocco’s sporting prowess, featuring profiles of legendary athletes such as Hicham El Guerrouj, known as the “King of the Mile,” and Nawal El Moutawakel, who broke barriers for women in athletics and leadership roles.
Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art showcases a rich collection of works by modern Moroccan artists, with galleries dedicated to themes, ranging from women’s identity to abstract expressionism. Renowned artists like Chaibia Talal and Mohamed Melehi are highlighted for their groundbreaking contributions to Moroccan artistry.
The “Distilled Lessons: Abstraction in Arab Modernism” exhibition, on view at Mathaf, further underscores the unique experimentation and evolution of Arab modernism, offering a captivating exploration of abstraction in the region’s artistic landscape.
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