The Zakat Affairs Department at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs distributed a total of more than QR235mn in aid last year.
According to a statement from Awqaf, more than 8,800 families received aid in 2023, totalling QR235,067,786 disbursed by the department to support needy families inside Qatar.
“This assistance is divided into two types: one that is provided to families monthly to help them with their needs, and the lump sum aid that is provided to families once according to need,” said Zakat Affairs Department director Saad bin Omran al-Kuwari.
The aid is distributed to the families that deserve Zakat.
Al-Kuwari explained that the Zakat Affairs Department is the government entity that has been assigned by law the jurisdiction to collect Zakat funds and distribute them to those entitled to them.
The largest amounts disbursed by the administration are for permanent and lump sum aid, which this stood at 59.52% of the total aid.
The education fees aid for university and school students stood at 19.89%, while the aid for debtors stood at 9.37%.
Of the total aid, 2.03% was spent on treatment assistance and the Zakat al-Fitr assistance rate stood at 0.85%.
Al-Kuwari said that the Zakat Affairs Department has processes in place to ensure the eligibility of requests for assistance.
The department receives Zakat from individuals and companies throughout the year through offices and collection points spread across the country or through the Department of Zakat Affairs application.
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